Chalkboard Art

As recently previewed in my very first post, I did a simple chalkboard art. This is my first attempt at chalk typography. I’ve always been fascinated by calligraphy and typography in general, but there is something I find so daunting with about chalk that just reminds me of how nerve-wracking grade school was.

Ultimately, I am pleased with the result of this. It’s very simple and was easy to just whip out. It took no longer than five minutes.
I find working with chalk rather difficult because it’s pretty much working with dust–I find it rather challenging to be precise with my work. Although it’s hard, as a perfectionist, I’ve learned to pause and talk myself into letting go.
Although it’s tricky, working on a chalkboard seems to be a good way to practice sketches for artists and fine-tune chalkboard expertise’s skills.


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