Oil Painting Experience

It’s been a while since my last blog post and I blame it schoolwork and partially because I was still hung up on my spring break trip. So let’s get on another subject…

I am currently working on a piece using oil (well–water mixable oil) paint, something I have never used before. I’ve been told by my professor and friends that painting with oil is a lot different than acrylic or watercolor, both of which I’ve become accommodated with.
I can’t say if I dislike oil painting or if I’m just getting used to it. I think this is because oil painting takes a lot more materials and caution. There’s the issue of highly toxic paint and paint thinners, etc.–while With acrylic and watercolor all you essentially need is water and brush. There’s so much more methodology to be wary of when utilizing oil in comparison to working with water mediated paint.
Which brings me to discuss the drying time.

Oh, the drying time! It will take a lot of patience to wait for each layer to dry for about a day. I’ve realize that I much prefer losing myself by working on a piece and completely finishing it within three hours…that I simply cannot do with oil.

Have any of you painted with oil paint? How was your experience with it?


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