Basilios Poulos, Journey Into Landscape

Basilios Poulos’ collection of paintings titled Journey Into Landscape is currently exhibiting at the Houston Baptist University Contemporary Art Gallery.

Greek Tapestry 2 and Greek Tapestry 1

Walking through the exhibit with the mindset that these are “landscape” paintings can be as hindering as much as it is enlightening. A person might have a difficult time trying to see the landscape in the abstract paintings. However, it can be enlightening in a way that it allows a person’s imagination run wild–it can encourage a different way of seeing and interpreting reality.

 Noon Day Bright

I think the best way to look at art, especially abstract creations, is to just look at them. It’s as simple as that. Art is best experienced through your own emotions and interpretation. Art shouldn’t be experienced through another person’s opinion or interpretation of it.

I think that it takes a great artist to have the ability to take apart reality and interpret it into different fragments of colors as Poulos has with this series of paintings. Poulos has created very vibrant and bright paintings. The majority of his paintings in the exhibit have a warm color palette with touches of cool colors to contrast and create intrigue in his creations.

This video is worth checking–Poulos talks more about the exhibit.

The exhibit is open to the public 10am-4pm from March 12 to April 15, 2015 at the University Academic Center (UAC) building on campus. It’s definitely something worth visiting.

Has anyone gone to interesting exhibits or galleries lately? Any suggestions to see around the Houston area would be great!


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