Houston Baptist University: Art Thesis Exhibit

On April 23rd, the Houston Baptist University’s School of Fine Arts hosted their Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibit at the University Academic Center (UAC), where the Department of Arts and Humanities reside on campus.
The event showcased all the graduating candidates’ work within the galleries as well as in the halls. Students, faculty, and other enthusiasts alike came to the opening and it was a great turnout.

Out of the five MFA Candidates, here are some of the artists/creations that most intrigues me:

  Contemplation and Black Lives Matter
by Jesse Cantu

  Jesse Cantu’s exhibit wonderfully shows the chaos of humanity–may it be within oneself or within the society. The emotion can almost be seen with how raw his work is. He doesn’t seem to fixate on perfection and precision of his paint strokes’ execution, but rather raw emotion is felt through the images he has provided.

Dancing Across the Abyss and Remembering Atlantis
by Carlos Canul

I have seen Carlos Canul’s paintings in the halls prior to the MFA Thesis Exhibit and I had always been drawn (specifically) to Remembering Atlantis. Unbeknownst that the painting was inspired by Atlantis, it strangely and strongly reminded me of “Doctor Who.” Which now that I think about it, isn’t at all far fetched. Atlantis seems to be a place that the Doctor would visit, but has not.
Anyone else get a “Doctor Who” vibe from it?

From the two BFA Candidates, here are a few of their creations that peaked my interest:

Portrait of a Woman
by Chloe Charles

Chloe Charles displays varying media and techniques in her exhibit. She seemed like she dabbled in acrylic, oil, printmaking, and other mixing of media. She seems like someone that is still trying to find herself in art. According to her artist statement, she has taken her experiences and connect them with her artistry. Charles basks in the freedom that art provides and rather than allowing it to overwhelm her, she maximizes the utilization of varying art media.

Still Life, Blue Tint and Flesh Tone Study; Ken Bek of Thomas Knights Red Hot 100
by Jeramiah Macha

The recurring theme within Jeramiah Macha’s display shows printmaking as well as “pooling” technique (which he has used with watercolor, acrylic, and a bit of oil). I am greatly drawn to his acrylic pooling pieces. The pooling technique shows the several layers of colors and creates a very interesting subject. It inspires me in a way that I didn’t realize imperfection could.

Bonus: There was a 3D printer actively printing during the opening. It was pretty fascinating.

IMG_2112 IMG_2113

The Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate artwork are currently on display in the University Academic Center building at Houston Baptist University campus until the 1st of July 2015.
It’s definitely worth the visit and open for the public.


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